About Us

Scribbology.in is a Sia Enterprises Company

Hailing from Jaipur, Founder and Designer Nikky Jain, started the SCRIBBOLOGYl in 2018, with a dedication to creating easy, wearable fashion that is also sustainable. Inspired by everyday street style fashion SCRIBBOLOGY is a quirky take on street-chic meets designer wear. The scribbled expression on the stylish silhouette marks the true essence of the brand…

The mixture of customary structures and current sensibilities into contemporary wear is the label’s way of thinking, and underscoring worldwide style, extravagance, and wearability. The label exists for the love of luxury-comfort fashion.

At SCRIBBOLOGY, we create innovative designs, which are forward-thinking, bold, and distinctive. The label pairs up this core feature with the power of words in it’s each piece. You can spot quirky captions running unconventionally along the side of the shirts, on laces, pockets, and shoulder pads making each piece a statement of eclectic personality.

Our motto is to make fashion exciting with one scribble at a time!